Sleeping hit, this is how we know the song that is barely playing all over the world and you did not know that it has been released for months, this term is currently better known for Selena Gomez who has become a Sleeper Hit with her song “Calm Down”.

Released in February 2022 by Rema, initially, the song has begun to climb in an unstoppable way. Could it be because of Gomez’s union?

Since its release, “Calm Down” has reached el number one in several countries, including Spain, Mexico and Brazil. Additionally, it has reached the top 10 in several other countries, including USA, UK and Australia.

The song, which is a mixture of pop and tropical electronica, which has been very well received by fans and critics, who praise it for its freshness, this song has entered the top 20 of SpotifyGlobal and is getting more than 3 million daily views.

You already heard it, right?

In conclusion, “Calm Down” has been a huge hit for both singers and is expected to continue to be so on the charts as time goes on. With an inspiring lyric and his super catchy melody, It is a song that Selena fans and the general public will surely continue to listen to.