The members of the group South Korean of kpop they made a beautiful gesture in their apartment that made everyone cry ARMY. What was it about?

Since their debut and until a couple of years ago, the members of bts They shared the same bedroom, although without all the money they have now, but for several years, they discussed a gift from the ARMY that made their fans cry. Since this gift was given to them when they still did not have many luxuries in their residence.

During their first days after their debut as a group, BTS lived in a small dormitory, they even slept in bunk beds and they were very small rooms for the seven boys. This because BigHit he was on the verge of bankruptcy, they also went to dinner at a restaurant near his apartment to save money.

When his 300-day anniversary in the industry arrived, k pop, several fans of bangtan They decided to give them a set of plates in different colors to be used at mealtime, the same ones that appear in old videos of the group. And, despite the years, they decided to keep them as a pleasant memory of the affection that ARMY has for them.

In more recent videos and in his new luxury apartment, Jin decided to cook and exposed the kitchen of the apartment where the members reside, where they could see the same colored dishes that they received from ARMY many years ago, showing that they still keep and use them on a daily basis.

This gesture made the entire ARMY cry, since it was a gift from a long time ago, but which they continue to use and take care of.

Do you like this beautiful gesture of bangtan?