Innovative forms of education have been introduced in the Crimean Industrial and Construction College.


A factory of production processes was launched at the Crimean Industrial Construction College. This is the second site in the region where a simulation approach is used in teaching students. Previously, a process factory was opened at the Bryukhovets Agricultural College.

The factory of production processes was created at the Crimean Industrial and Construction College in the Krasnodar Territory and is dedicated to optimizing the process of laying tiles. During the launch of the project, the students had to lay out a panel of ceramic tiles. This was the first stage. In the other two, students worked to improve their performance. 14 students took part in the approbation of the project, who were divided into two teams, which included a senior foreman and a team of foremen, an improvement manager, a financier, a safety specialist, and a warehouse manager. The leaders of the process factory were two trainers who taught the basic tools of lean manufacturing, the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth Policy of the Krasnodar Territory reported.

As Nikolai Ploshnik, director of the technical school, said, in the first round the teams did not reach the main goal, because they made their production unprofitable. After being instructed on the use of lean management tools in their work, the guys were able to optimize some stages of the process and reach break-even production. In the final, the teams not only laid out a panel of tiles, but also made a profit.

Process Factory is an innovative learning methodology based on full immersion in the process being studied and the use of a simulation approach to develop lean management skills and create a culture of continuous improvement. In the Krasnodar Territory, this is already the second factory of production processes created at the SPO institution. Previously, a similar training ground was opened at the Bryukhovets Agricultural College.

Network edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reportedthat schoolchildren of Kaliningrad participate in the career guidance educational project of the Tsar-Carpenter OSK, undergo professional training at the Enterprise’s Training Center and at the Process Factory training and production site.