This spring, the Czech class at the elementary school in Prague 6 degenerated into a pro-Russian propaganda interpretation. Teacher Martina Bednářová claimed to eighth graders that Ukrainians have been in Donbas since 2014 they are killing Russians and that “nothing is happening in Kiev”.

As of August 1, 2022, the Czech woman is no longer an employee of the elementary school. “Furthermore, it will probably be decided by the court. Together with the lawyers, we are preparing for the fact that a lawsuit will be filed against the dismissal. However, we consider the submitted notice to be valid. We’ll see what the court will do,” Renata Riedlová, principal of ZŠ Na Dlouhé lánu, told on Monday.

The editors of also contacted the Czech lawyer Jana Kudynová with questions about whether she will take legal action against the statement. “Without the client’s consent, I cannot give any opinions and I do not have her consent to speak to the media,” said Kudynová. However, she added that the editors could email questions, which they did. However, the lawyer did not comment until the publication of the article.

“It’s simply a lie and a lie doesn’t belong in school,” responded Prague 6 mayor Ondřej Kolář to in April after the case broke out. The town hall is the founder of the school. “I think that such things must be dealt with quickly and forcefully,” he adds, adding that he agrees with the director’s approach.

In April, the principal, Renata Riedlová, immediately ordered an obstacle on the part of the employer to prevent the woman from continuing to teach. She was going to hand her the notice. She also tried to have a personal meeting, but it was not possible due to the Czech woman’s incompetence.

The statements are being checked by the police

The case is already being dealt with by the Prague police, who are currently investigating whether the teacher broke the law with her statements while teaching. The editors of investigated the current progress in the case. A spokesman for the Prague police said on Tuesday that he would have information early next week.

The pupils themselves drew attention to the teacher’s behavior by making an eighteen-minute recording in which the teacher interprets Russian propaganda. They drew attention to the case List of Messages.

The woman on the recording explains that Russians in the Donbass have been systematically murdered since 2014. “Those Russians were killed in that region of Donetsk and Luhansk, liquidated just because they were Russians. And they were actually liquidated by Ukrainian Nazi groups in such a way that the door to the barrack was slammed, the barrack caught fire, people were flayed alive, children were murdered and so on,” the teacher lectured the children.

Among other things, the Czech teacher explained in the class that students should look for information in several sources and that Czech Television is tied to the billionaire Soros. In the spring, the teacher herself did not admit that she had made a mistake in teaching.

In a statement to Seznam Zprávy, she wrote at the time that “the aim of the lesson was for the pupils to be able to orient themselves in the available information, to learn to perceive the polarization of society, to take a different opinion as a normal thing that does not threaten them in any way, to be able to work with it and not condemn it “. She stated that she only worked with verified and historically documented facts.

“I perceive my ‘off-duty status’ initiated by one of my parents, approved by the school management and supported by the mayor of Prague 6, the reasons for which have not yet been explained to me and are unknown to me, as an alarming denial of all democratic principles and freedoms in this state and an unprecedented restriction of speech and opinion “, she added.

After the affair began, the teacher’s lawyer approached the school with a request that the students who filmed her during the lesson be punished. In the letter, he also writes that the behavior of the school management “shows signs of discriminatory and even bullying behavior”.