In the midst of the enormous scandal that was generated by the rumors of infidelity of the prince william toward kate middleton Social networks, the media and other newspapers around the world have completely viralized the issue. However, from one moment to the next, the british press He stopped talking about it, and the reason for what happened is something enormously scandalous.

The enormous attention that the scandal of infidelity of Prince William, has caused the British monarchy to take a controversial decision so that the British media stopped commenting on the issue in their news and advertisements.

And although this measure can only be used in the United Kingdom, various media from other parts of Europe they would have also stopped talking about it.

The measure that the British royal family would have applied is called as a Super Injunction or a judicial super-injunction, which is a legal tool that powerful corporations in the United Kingdom can use, and whose purpose is to disappear news that does not have official support.

In social networks, users and other Internet users have given their own name to the measure, and have called it “William Gate” and the entire press has chosen to remain silent on the subject.

Even in the whole country The old photos where Prince William was seen with his lover, specifically at a private party, have been deleted.

And you, what do you think of the measure taken by the british monarchy to hide the scandal prince william?