The havoc caused by social networks and the media have managed to viralize the photo where the prince william presumably kissing a mysterious woman, who was later confirmed to be Rose Hanbury. The issue in question is that Rose was one of the best friends of kate middleton until the scandal broke.

Although many do not know it, the rumors of infidelities that Prince William and the future King of the United Kingdom would have committed, date back to the year 2019. It was at that moment, where the eldest son of the deceased Princess Diana he allowed himself to be photographed with Rose.

They were both enjoying a private party. However, some present managed to get some photos and there was one that left everyone shocked, since it looks like they were possibly kissing.

When this and other photographs of the moment were released, the scandal was so great that Rose Hanbury he was banned from attending future events that he commonly used to attend because he was someone close to the royalty.

Kate he also broke off his long friendship with the English noblewoman. She was never seen together again and since then she has not been seen with the couple at any time. But since weeks ago the dating rumors with the Prince of Wales, Rose Hanbury’s name is once again a trend on social networks.

Missing little for the official coronation of the King Charles III and the Princes of Wales, the public wonders what other measures the monarch will take so that the scandal his son is going through continues without being commented on by the British media, who would have been forced to delete all the content referring to the rumor, through of the legal measure of “Super Injection”.

And you, what do you think about the controversial photo of the prince william and her lover?