The Sapozhkovsky Museum of Local Lore took part in the festival “Ranovskoye Summer”

Guests and participants of the regional festival “Ranovskoe summer” this time the local history museum and the literary and poetic association “Glubinka” became.

Each time the festival gathers guests from all over the region. Participants of the festival in their backyards represent what their area is famous for. The Sapozhkovsky region has long been known for its mortgage weaving.

“Guests of the festival showed great interest in our farmstead. With pleasure they tried to weave on a loom under the guidance of Natalia Tyuzina, asked about the exhibits and traditions of the region. There was no end to those who wanted to be photographed with our beauties, dressed in a Sapozhkov suit! – said the director of the museum Marina Popova.

Sapozhkovsky poet, member of the Union of Writers of Russia Mikhail Danshov, authors Svetlana Mikheeva and Svetlana Podzorova took part in a literary competition, read their poems.

“I am at the festival for the first time. So many interesting sites, the eye rejoices, looking at the wealth of our region! It is very interesting to listen to poets from different parts of our region. Once again I am convinced that our Ryazan region is full of talents! Thank you for organizing such a large-scale celebration,” Svetlana Podzorova shared her opinion.