These are some of the sacrifices that he had to undergo Shakira to please the family Piqueand what for Clara Chia they have been simpler.

For Shakira it was not easy to integrate in a good way in the family of her ex-partner Gerard Piqué, so he had to proceed to make some sacrifices to try to fit in. This is why she has been compared to the player’s new girlfriend, because maintaining the same relationship has been much easier for her. Clara Chia Marti.

From the beginning of the ex-couple’s courtship it was known that Shakira he was never able to maintain a good relationship with his in-laws, with the player’s mother Montserrat Berbabeu It was difficult due to the lack of complicity between the two, and the lack of acceptance of the relationship. In a similar way it happened with his mother-in-law, since they did not agree that his son was with a woman much older than him.

Although the grandparents of Sasha and Milan They were the ones who took care of them when their parents were not there, communication was limited there, so the singer resorted to establishing a new life to be closer to her in-laws.

Apparently, Shakira He was very aware that communication was very important in the family, so he decided to learn Catalan to understand them better.

He also decided to adjust to living close to his in-laws, and it was at that time that he bought his house in Catalonia, allowing you to have your parents and in-laws close by. In addition, she tried to improve as time went by and included herself in her partner’s family plans to share a little more.

And although the singer transformed her life to adapt to another, the relationship she was looking for never had good results. Otherwise it happened with Clara Chiawhom the family of Gerard Piqué I quickly accept, and today she is invited to family reunions and summer days in the house located next to hers. Shakira.