The next book of memories of the Prince Harry, will be mercilessly exposing the prince william and his wife Kate Middleton. spare will go on sale in a few days and has more than one member of the British royal family, since new and serious accusations are expected that the youngest son of the deceased Lady Di will hit in his book, especially against his older brother.

Prince Harry He is ready to continue attacking, and his memoir book will go on sale this coming January 10. And since then, members of the British monarchy are already preparing for the worst.

This book will be a direct continuation of a series of interviews, documentaries and reality shows in which the Duke of Sussex with his wife, the former actress Meghan Markle, He has criticized and denounced his family.

A source with full access to the original scripts for the book claimed that “William and Kate must prepare for the worst.”

For his part, a source from the newspaper “The Sunday Times” said the following:

“Overall, I think the book will be worse than what the royal family expects. Everything is exposed. Carlos comes off better than he expected, but it’s hard for William in particular and even Kate not to take heavy artillery ».

“There are minute details and a description of the fight between the brothers. I personally can’t imagine how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this.”

Meanwhile, the prince harry knows very well the consequences that he and his wife are facing with this, since it is said that the King Charles III will be making the decision to expel them from the royal family shortly.

All these actions have the public eye alerted to what may happen in the family real, since all these accusations they are causing severe ruptures and a very bad reputation for each of the members of the monarchy.

And up to now, it can be said on the basis that William Y Kate, they will be partly the most affected by this new book.