The Russians left on a snowmobile in minus 30 degrees and disappeared

IN Kamchatka region two people left on a snowmobile in minus 30 degrees and disappeared. This was announced by the Minister of Emergency Situations of the region Sergey Lebedev on your page in “In contact with”.

According to him, the men left the village of Kamenskoye for the village of Oklan, which are located about 30 kilometers from each other. Two people on two snowmobiles were involved in the search for the missing.

“I remind you once again that driving alone in the cold is dangerous. But if we go, there should always be an emergency plan. The sled should contain a tent, gasoline, food and the most important spare part for a snowmobile – hunting skis,” the minister wrote. He promised to find the lost Russians.

Previously in Kurgan region local resident after a quarrel with her husband left two children unattended on the street in 20-degree frost and left in an unknown direction. After the incident, the children were removed from the family.

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