We tell you what is happening with gasoline against the backdrop of new shelling by the Russian aggressor of oil refineries and tank farms in Ukraine

What will happen to fuel in Ukraine

What will happen to fuel in Ukraine / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

On Saturday, June 18, the Russian invaders fired a volley missiles at the refinery in Kremenchug. On the same day, shelling of the Shebelinsky GPP, as well as a mini oil refinery in the village of Gubinikha, took place. Such shelling earlier became one of the reasons for the shortage of fuel in Ukraine.

What is happening with gasoline now and what should drivers do during the crisis? About it told director of the consulting group “A-95” Sergey Kuyun.

Do we need to build new refineries?

According to Kuyun, of those factories that were shelled this weekend, there was only one working – in the village of Gubinikha, Novomoskovsky district in the Dnepropetrovsk region. In addition, according to the expert, the Russians fired on the still idle Lisichansk Oil Refinery. Yes, it was a major attack by the Russians on the infrastructure for supplying petroleum products.

Kuyun says that it is impossible to predict when fuel will appear in the country under such circumstances. During martial law it is very difficult to guarantee anything.

“The enemy is destroying production facilities, oil depots, transport routes. At the same” minik “in Gubinikha, gasoline was produced in fairly good volumes, as for a regional scale. Now these resources need to be replaced with something, and we have difficulties with gasoline imports,” – said the expert.

He added that it makes no sense to restore these and other refineries in Ukraine, to build mini refineries, because Occupants destroy absolutely all power without any logic.

“Russian missiles reach Lviv with Frankivsk no worse than Kremenchuk with Kyiv. What is the point of restoring them in such conditions?”, Kuyun noted.

What should drivers do

The supply of fuel from abroad to Ukraine is gradually increasing. For example, there are almost no queues for autogas, and some gas stations are reducing prices for it. Kuyun hopes that the situation will soon improve with diesel, and then with gasoline. Although it is difficult to make accurate predictions, because in addition to hostilities in Ukraine, there are various obstacles in Europewhere resources come from

“What can everyone do? Save fuel. The more gas stations open, the more cars on the roads. Therefore, the growth in supplies is not very noticeable. No fuel – stay at home. The main thing is that the military, municipalities, business have it, the country is based on them,” Kuyun explained.

According to him, if drivers without special needs reduce fuel consumption, this will at least allow get the resource to those who really need it. And as a maximum, it will allow the state create stock and reduce imports.

When things get better

As the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov said earlier, fuel shortage situation stabilizes closer to autumnwhen Kyiv manages to conclude long-term contracts with foreign suppliers

New agreements with the EU countries are aimed at simplifying customs and border control procedures.

At the same time, NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said that the problem of gasoline shortage will be resolved soon, however pre-war fuel prices will no longer be. He noted that when the cost of fuel is growing all over the world and costs conditionally 2 euros, then one euro cannot be in Ukraine.

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