The Russian woman thanked Putin and the rescuers for the evacuation from Gaza

A Russian woman named Natalya thanked the Russian President Vladimir Putin And EMERCOM of the Russian Federation for the evacuation from the Gaza Strip. Her words lead RIA News.

The woman noted that Russian rescuers were carrying out the evacuation operation as professionally as possible, and Foreign Ministry employees were always in touch with those wishing to leave the sector. “The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, I think, is the best Ministry of Emergency Situations,” she told reporters.

The evacuated Russian woman also added that she is grateful to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people for not throwing her and her family into prison. Gaza.

Previously, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia reported on the evacuation from the Gaza Strip to Moscow another 120 Russians. On November 18, two convoys of buses delivered more than 200 people to the department’s operational headquarters, who had crossed the Rafah checkpoint on the border with Egypt and the Gaza Strip. “The first group has been formed for dispatch by plane and is already heading to the airport Cairo for further flight to Moscow,” reports the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. The department noted that a total of more than 500 people were evacuated from the Gaza Strip.

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