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The Russian TV and radio network called the video in support of China on the Ostankino tower a fake

The appearance of the video is associated with the upcoming visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

On the media facade of the TV tower, videos are often shown not only about holidays, but also about current events (for example, about early Olympics). And this evening, a video was circulated on social networks and the media, in which the inscription “China, Russia is with you!” was spinning on the tower! in traditional Chinese red and yellow colors and duplicated in hieroglyphs.

This video appeared amid tensions between China, Taiwan and the United States – today it was officially announced that the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan tomorrow, although before that the Chinese Foreign Ministry said: “We are ready to bury any enemy.” At the same time, Russia is already declaredthat China supports this issue, so many people willingly believed in the video about the inscription on the TV tower.

However, the press service of the Russian television and radio broadcasting network declaredthat the video is fake. Moreover, such an inscription could not even technically appear on the facade: “The inscription “China, Russia is with you!” was not broadcast and could not be broadcast due to technical reasons – at the moment the upper media facade is turned off for scheduled repairs.

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