The Russian threw a “fierce disco” on the plane and was caught on video

A passenger on a Russian airline plane brought a speaker on board and started a “fierce disco.” The incident was caught on video shared by the Telegram channel Shot.

An unexpected situation occurred during a flight from Moscow V Barnaul. First, the Russian turned on a Bluetooth speaker on a bus that was carrying passengers from the terminal to the plane, and then continued to play music on board.

The music lover’s playlist included compositions by Barnaul singer Inna Walter, rapper Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) and Bishkek performer Amirchik, writes Shot. However, on board, passengers had to negotiate with a fellow passenger to turn down the music. After landing in Barnaul, tracks from a local performer were heard again from the light-music speaker.

As Shot notes, it remains unclear how the passenger managed to smuggle the impressively sized gadget through the low-cost airline’s calibrator.

Previously a Sunexpress aircraft flew out from Paris to the city of Izmir without a pilot and 30 passengers. Initially, the departure was delayed for three hours, but closer to the departure time, passengers checked the data in the application and found out that the plane had departed without them.

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