The Russian governor proposed to exclude abortions at the woman’s request from compulsory health insurance.

Abortions at the request of a woman must be excluded from the Russian system of compulsory health insurance (CHI). The governor stated this Komi Republic Vladimir Uibawhose words transmits BNK.

According to him, as exceptions to the compulsory medical insurance it is necessary to include only termination of pregnancy for medical reasons and in case of danger to the woman’s life. In addition, Uiba proposed to “tighten as much as possible [в Коми] a measure of liability for forced abortion, which is already being introduced in a number of other regions.”

At the same time, the governor emphasized that most often women decide to have an abortion due to lack of work, housing problems, partner’s reluctance to have children, or family condemnation. According to Uiba, a regional program to increase the birth rate should help solve all these problems. “A woman should not be left alone with herself and her problem. We must take on this problem ourselves. Demography is a fateful issue. Over the past year, we “under-delivered” 800 children compared to 2021,” he said at a meeting of the council under the head of Komi for the preservation and strengthening of traditional spiritual and moral values.

Earlier, obstetrician-gynecologist Lyubov Erofeeva in a conversation with stated about the likely connection between the initiative to ban abortions in private clinics and proposals to remove the procedure from the Russian compulsory health insurance system (CHI). She also admitted that Russian politicians could consult with American religious leaders on this issue.

IN Russia attempts have been made repeatedly to remove abortion from the compulsory medical insurance system, both by politicians and Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). In 2015, an initiative group led by Senator Elena Mizulina introduced this bill into State Duma. Two years later he rejected. The lower house of parliament’s health committee concluded that the initiative contradicts laws guaranteeing women the right to make independent decisions about motherhood.

In addition, in May 2022, abortions will be carried out under the compulsory medical insurance policy. called prohibit Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’ Kirill. In his opinion, this measure should protect the child’s right to life.

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