On Saturday, in its regular review of the situation in Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense provided information on the state of the Russian army. According to him, in the fighting in Ukraine, large losses in their best units and the loss of advanced technology.

According to British information, the Russian army drank at least one modern T-90M tank. The best Russian units, including those deployed to Ukraine, have about 100 of them.

Continue the evacuation

The deputy chairwoman of the Ukrainian government, Iryna Vereukov, said that evacuation efforts would take place over the weekend. About 500 civilians were evacuated last time.

According to the AP agency, there were people in the evacuation plant from the Azovstal sediment. Representatives of the United Nations (UN) and the International Red Corps took care of these for the time being. It was stated by the rut and the Ukrainian representative. Among the evacuees was 11 dt.

According to the agency, there is so much speculation that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to end the battle for Mariupol so that he can announce a rush at the end of the world of wolves.

Deputy Ukrainian Interior Minister Yevhen Jenin told the impending year of the end of the wolves that while the civilized world would remember the victims, the Russian Federation under the guise and preparing a dance on the graves of the Mariupol people.

In the large area of ​​Azovstal, it is estimated that there are still about 2,000 Ukrainian defenders who refuse to give up. According to Ukrainian ad, there are several hundred civilians.

Ukrainian cities are preparing to increase Russian flows before the celebrations, and their first called on the citizens to take warning strings and protect themselves from the flights.

One Russian steep today destroyed the Ukrainian National Museum dedicated to the life of the philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda, who worked in the 18th century. The museum is located near the Russian border in the Kharkov region. Ukraine’s appearance of this awakener for its culture went to the local Skovorod’s portrait on one banknote.

The US will provide financial and military assistance

The system of the long package is artillery ammunition, radars and put equipped. This was announced by US President Joe Biden. He did not specify the aid, one of the Reuters agencies said that the value of the aid was 150 million USD (3.6 billion K).

Biden added that the government had used up financial assistance for Ukraine. He called on Congress to approve the proposed $ 33 billion (783 billion K) aid package. Since the arrest of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in late November, the United States has pledged it or supplied Kiev with weapons and ammunition worth more than $ 3.7 billion (K 87.8 billion).

Biden filed Congress for $ 33 billion to help Ukraine at the end of April. About $ 20 billion (K 474.5 billion) m is channeled into military aid, about $ 8 billion (190 billion K) to support the Ukrainian economy and about $ 3 billion (K 71.2 billion) for humanitarian and food programs.