January 6, 2023, 09:40 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian military in DPR during the offensive they were able to break through the defense APU and move towards the center of Soledar. It is reported by the WarGonzo Telegram channel.

According to available information, as a result of this, the Ukrainian army is forced to retreat to the north.

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The author of the publication promised to provide details of the current situation in the very near future.

Formerly Public News Service wrotethat an apartment building in the village of Rubizhne was damaged during shelling by the armed formations of Ukraine. Such information is shared by the mission of the Lugansk People’s Republic in the JCCC.

Meanwhile, the Ural motorized rifle unit successfully beat off one of the mainstays of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, taking a huge amount of captured weapons. As part of the publication distributed by the Russian Spring online publication, it is said that the militants could not defend their positions for a long time.