Russian ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreyev. (January 17, 2020)
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People from the crowd tried to physically attack the ambassador. Several people reached out to them, but were pushed by the ambassador’s throat. At one point the ambassadors poured red with the paint, the Polish station spilled out.

The Russian diplomat failed to resign. The protesters tore him apart and his remains were thrown at the delegation.

The video from the incident shows how one of the protesters turned out to turn red.

Two people painted Zabt Putin’s blue-yellow sign on the cemetery, in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Npis could have arisen to go at night, pestoe cemetery steila police. Going before noon, her rest removed her.

I’m proud of Putin, said the ambassador

Protesters on Monday in the cemetery were holding Ukrainian flags in their hands and chanting the word Faista in the direction of Andreyev. Some of them were dressed in flea sheets stained with red paint, which according to the letter The Washington Post symbolize ukrainian obti rusk aggression.

I am proud of my President Vladimir Putin, the ambassador said after the incident, according to Polsat television.

Police arrived a few minutes downstream, surrounded the ambassador with his wife and several diplomats, and helped them reach a car with a diplomatic emblem and the Russian flag. Due to the aggressive mood, the monument could not be reached.

The Polish city council, including the mayor of Warsaw and Polish diplomacy, opposed the traditional celebrations of the Soviet victory, but the Russian embassy on its website announced in advance that the ambassador at noon midnight gave birth to a memorial to the cemetery on which the remains of 20,000 soldiers 1944-1945.

Billboards also appeared at the cemetery informing about the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.