The famous influencer kim kardashian recently acquired the iconic necklace called “The Attallah Cross«, a jewel made of amethyst and the most refined diamonds, famous for being the necklace worn by Princess Diana, the first wife of the current King of the United Kingdom Charles III.

Kim Kardashian bought the valuable object for 163,800 Pounds, which is equivalent to about 200,000 euros, at the auction held by the sotheby’s houseit should be noted that Kim paid twice the price with which the object began the auction, being the same auction house who would inform the media, the details of the purchase of the controversial businesswoman and influencer of the Kardashian clan.

US Weekly reported that the royal family most likely mocked Kim for acquiring the jewel over breakfast and then completely forgot about it.

The history of this expensive jewel, dates back to the 1920s, made with 11 amethysts, surrounded by 5-carat circular diamonds, made by the English jeweler “Garrard”, this necklace became particularly famous for the use that Princess Diana gave it at galas and different events of British royalty. Its name “The Cross of Atallah” is due to the fact that this jewel belonged to Naim Attallaha writer and businessman of British-Palestinian origin, and a very good friend of the late Princess Diana, who lent it to her to use in her royal duties.