The British royal family has officially chosen the answer it will give to the prince harry and his controversial memoir ‘Spare’, which was released on January 19 and has broken all kinds of sales records for non-fiction books. Thats why he King Charles III he has chosen wisely what he will answer to his youngest son and his daughter-in-law, the American actress Meghan Markle.

Although many of us believed that the british monarchy was going to execute an aggressive response against the harsh accusations that Prince Harry has made, the reality is completely different.

Despite all the media campaign that the media have made around the internal problems that exist between the members of the English royalty, the response that the King Carlos III has decided to do against the attacks that his crown has suffered, he is completely peaceful but very intelligent.

The King has decided to respond with actions, but not actions against the dukes of Sussex, but with actions that help his kingdom to continue winning the affection of the public, since he has implemented a series of strategies that will allow royalty to contribute with many more charitable actions.

Crown Estate announced yesterday that six new offshore wind lease deals generated a large windfall and were the responsibility of the royals, as the monarch handed over all proceeds from the estate to the UK Government in exchange for a portion called Sovereign Grant, which is essentially the king’s expense account.

For his part, a spokesman for the Buckingham Palace told the prestigious American media CNN the next:

“In view of the offshore power windfall, The Keeper of the Private Purse (Crown Finance Officer) contacted the Prime Minister and Chancellor to share the King’s wish that this windfall go into a general public good, rather than into the royal coffers, through a reduction in the proportion of the Crown Estate surplus that funds the Sovereign Grant.”

And it is thus, that the royal family has chosen its response to “Spare” and to all the accusations made by the youngest son of the Princess Diana Y Meghan Markle: Leaning on your value through service instead of engaging in a war of words that would do them more harm than good.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has not made any further statements regarding his family in recent days. But it is expected that he will do some interviews in the coming weeks, at least to talk about the great success that his memoir has had.

And you, what do you think of the strategy that the British royal family is using to emerge victorious from the attacks of the The prince Harry?