Apparently, the royal family has remained silent after the publication of the memoirs of the Prince Harry, «Spare“, and the release of their documentary on Netflix, but they may have been subtly teasing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In the documentary «harry and meghan“The Duchess of Sussex admitted that during her time as part of the British royal family she had a hard time dressing because the old etiquette did not allow her to wear the same or a more noticeable color than a senior member of the royal family, for such motive always chose the most neutral tones he could find.

It is possible that the royal family has laughed at these events in a subtle but elegant way, since in the past Christmas service of the royal family, in Westminster Abbey, more than one member of the family arrived dressed in the same Colour.

Upon arriving at the Abbey for Kate’s Christmas carols, the Princes presented themselves in burgundy and black clothing, which was interpreted as a sign of unity in the face of the controversies that had generated the prince harry Y Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton rocked an elegant burgundy coat and as more and more royals arrived at the Abbey, Pippa Middleton Y Zara Tindal they seemed to have received the message, since they wore coats of the same color and this action as such was interpreted not only as a gesture of solidarity, but also as a mockery of Meghan Markle.

Also, in a clip that is on the Internet, the cousin of the prince harry and her husband, Zara Y Mike Tindal, they greet each other with aHi my love“, a phrase that only the Dukes of Sussex used and that no other member of the royal family used in public, so it is suspected that this could also be a mockery of them.

To this day, the British royal family have not commented on Harry’s book and documentary, because it seems they have decided to resolve the issues in private.