The British royal family has been in the spotlight recently due to infidelity rumors surrounding the prince william with Kate Middletonwho have been the subject of speculation and rumors in the media about William’s alleged affairs with Rose Hanbury.

This has raised concerns in the British crown, since the alleged infidelities of members of the royal family may damage their reputation and affect their role as representatives of the crown.

Several media outlets have published alleged “predictions” about the infidelity of members of the royal family, the prince william and Kate Middleton, which has increased concern in the British crown. Representatives of the royal family have kept a low profile in relation to these rumors, but some experts suggest that this could change in the near future.

The British royal family has remained silent on these rumors and speculation, and it is unlikely that they will comment on it in the future. However, the public remains interested in the affairs of the royal family, and rumors and speculation are likely to continue as long as members of the royal family do not give any official statement.