The British royal family is again in a controversy, and it is that he is being accused of hiding the private appointments that the prince william would be having with his supposed lover, after the future monarch will not spend the day of Valentine’s Day and other important ceremonies together with kate middleton his wife and mother of his three children.

When we look at the past of the royal family, we can witness all the troubles that love has caused in the distinguished royal circle. From the stormy marriage of now King Charles III with the deceased Princess Diana, until his own affair with his now wife, the Queen Consort Camilla Parker.

However, it seems that it is now his eldest son who is following in the same footsteps as the King. And it is that for several weeks there has been talk that the Prince William would be again dating his alleged and former lover, the English noblewoman Rose Hanbury.

The William and Rose scandal dates back to the year 2019, when several media released a series of photographs where they were both seen at a party and sharing in a compromising way.

But now, the royal family itself is said to be hiding the failure of the The prince, since they do not want their image to continue to be destroyed based on these scandals that leave their family circle in a very bad light.

The Wale’s princess I would be the most affected of all this. She would not only be watching her husband have another, but she is also witnessing how her former best friend is still entangled with the father of her children.

Eyes are still on the Royal family And how would he be reacting if more evidence of the alleged infidelity of the prince william toward Kate Middleton. But as some of us know history, we are aware that the British royals will look for all the ways to minimize the scandal.