Marie Růžičková previously confided to the editor of Expres that she fell in love with Turkey mainly because of the luxurious hotels there.

That’s why she went to her favorite country with her mother and daughter Lejla this year as well. She could not praise the five-star resort with several pools and water slides.

“The hotel is excellent, luxury indeed. The Delphin chain has the best and most luxurious hotels in all of Turkey.” Marie told us a few days ago.

But every vacation comes to an end. Tuesday was the last day for Maria and other crew members. They were picked up early in the morning by a bus from their hotel at the airport in Antalya. Shortly after noon, Růžičková was already waiting for her suitcases in Prague’s Ruzyna in a pink dress with floral patterns.

Marie Růžičková returned from a holiday in Turkey, where she was with her mother and daughter.

As expected, her husband, successful hockey coach and legend from Nagano, Vladimír Růžička, picked her up at Václav Havel Airport.

Expres photographers managed to capture their touching reunion. From the pictures taken, it is clear how much they both missed each other.

Maruška was greeted at the airport by her lover Vladimír, who turned out to be the perfect husband.

Růžička, who is currently hard at work preparing the Litvínov hockey players for the new season, first kissed his wife in front of everyone, then devoted himself to his cute daughter Lejla and mother-in-law.

Maruska was greeted at the airport by her husband. There was a passionate kiss!

Maruška was greeted at the airport by her lover Vladimír, who turned out to be the perfect husband.

Marie: Next time, my husband is flying with us!

The former Boston Bruins forward, who is in excellent shape for his age, then helped all the tour participants with their luggage.

He loaded the suitcases into his car and the tanned crew left for Chomutov, where Růžička and his wife have been living in the family home for several years.

Vladimir turned out to be a perfect guy. He picked up Maria at the airport, helped with the suitcases and took the whole family to Chomutov.

Marie, who recently got used to flying to the sea without her husband, anyway told Expres that “Růža” will fly with her next time!

“We have already looked together where we would like to go, and he promised to overcome himself and go,” Marie told us with a smile, according to which Vladimir is not very fond of summer vacations.

Perfect family!

Nobody cares about brains! Marie leaned against the hatters

Růžičková from Turkey shared several photos and received unnecessary criticism from people on social networks. Therefore, on Instagram, Marie responded to all internet diggers and sent them a clear message.

Marie Růžičková

“Jesus, she’s black, she’s artificial, she’s a monster, she looks fifty, sunburnt, mouth like a duck. This is our world today. No one cares what you are like inside, what your character is, what your brain contains,” Růžičková wrote on her profile.

“No, let’s just judge by appearance, let’s insult, curse and humiliate. After all, everyone has a certain appearance, everyone likes something different and everyone is beautiful in their own way, but that does not say what they are like inside. The most important thing is to be healthy, to be happy, to be loved and to love,” added Marie, who then heard praise from her followers.

“You are a beautiful woman and kind too, I really like watching you,” one of her supporters told Růžičková. “You’re a cat and they just envy you” another fan joined.