Although you and many did not know it, the prince william had a fleeting long-distance romance with the American singer-dancer Britney Spears. All this happened more than 20 years ago, and here we tell you everything that happened between the future King of United Kingdom and the legitimate Princess of Pop.

Prince William had a fleeting romance with Britney Spears in 2002, when they met thanks to the magic of Internet, that allows us to discover people from other parts of the world.

In 2002, during an interview with the presenter Frank Skinner, Britney Spears assured that she wrote romantic emails with the eldest son of the King Carlos III, and that they had even agreed to meet to go out in the city of London several times.

“We exchanged emails for a while and he was supposed to come see me somewhere, but it didn’t work out,” Britney said.

Back then, the Princess of Pop was 20 years old, just like the current husband of the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton. But what is most impressive about this is that there are many people who still did not have the knowledge that this happened.

However, the interpreter ‘Toxic’ She stated that she did not email William again because she did not keep an appointment that the two of them were scheduled to attend:

“Did Prince William stand you up?” Frank asked, to which Britney said yes.

And you, did you know about this fleeting romance between the prince william and Britney Spears?