From what environment does the Ukrainian Roma pichzej?
The Roma minority is one of the poorest in Ukraine. These are not people who would be integrated into Ukrainian society, and the aunt of the infantry is illiterate. Most Roma in Ukraine work in agriculture or sell various goods. There segregation, el excluded and racial flows and pogroms. They did not have an easy situation in Ukraine at all. They went there under the fear of the wolf.

Let’s not bother the problems and make them straight. Yes, of course, among the refugees are the people who drank, because they will have better living conditions here.

who, as in Vyny Lhoty, are often the last place to accommodate Roma refugees from Ukraine. Is that so?
There is no governor or worry about finding a suitable and decent housing for them. We assume that the Minister of the Interior, Vt Rakuan, will keep his promise and ensure sufficient accommodation capacity. If we want to work with those people and we have to move them into an integrated process, so they have to live in standard flats. If these people show interest in staying in the Czech Republic, then they want their long-term hostel, so don’t worry about it?

Do you think this is a social stigma?
The relationship of the majority Czech society to the Romani minority is not bad, and it was bad for two. When you look at all the cities where the poor and Roma live, you will still find a dignified place to live. This is something that people who do not know, have other cultural customs and often come from the worst conditions than the Roma. Even for the Czech Roma themselves, the walls themselves are very unknown.

As the march of Ukrainian Roma in the Roma community in the Czech Republic, are there efforts to bring them together?
There are two different approaches. One of them takes them as our people we have to help, the other one looks at them as the competition that they want to take away from them, dream of gaining social housing, threaten them in some way. However, the weight of some competition is different, you are employed about it, so you do not endanger the debtor on the construction site.

There is also a concern that the Roma are worse off. If before, it was just a matter of finding housing, and it was reported to some of us here that we would misuse the social doors, so the negative view confirms at first that yes, some people come here only because of social doors.

Isn’t that true?
Let’s not bother the problems and make them straight. Yes, of course, among the refugees are the people who drank, because they will have better living conditions here. However, if such a people meet the conditions, they will have the right to a state humanitarian court. And if they have gained the status of temporary protection, they can get up and travel freely in the countries of the European Union, no one can stop them. If this is a malfunction of the system, I’m not sure.

No one is having fun with the private owners of the apartment

Do some of the newcomers think that they will travel to other countries, because they first know that there is a better way to get there?
Yes, sure, exchange information, it’s no coincidence that people gather from day to day and go somewhere else. They drank into a strange inhospitable environment, when they all don’t want them here. also here in conditions that we do not consider appropriate either. It can be seen that the hostel, which is just two of them, is not temporary, they do not feel that anyone here with them would ask to be a company. So look for a place where such barriers are not set for n.

How to remove barires so that these people become bites of society?
In order to find a job, they have to live somewhere they can be sure. Don’t have her in zazenches like Vyn Lhoty, what a msc, in a year. It is a complex problem caused by long-term housing. If we talked about a hostel, it was mainly about the capacity of the state, region or municipality, but no one went to private conditions so that they could offer housing to Ukrainian refugees. At the same time, the largest housing stock is driven by private owners. But you have to create conditions for them.

How would you suggest the conditions? There will probably be no housing allowance.
When you take in the call of the Ministry of Urban Development, it announced it for municipalities and regions so that they can repair the existing housing stock. If the state also made such a call for private owners who have vacant flats, but are not suitable for hostels, and helped them, then they will be able to accommodate refugees without distinction.

So how can help Roma refugees as a non-profit sector in their integration into Czech society?
We are currently focusing on adaptation programs, such as language courses and working with children, so that their barriers to entering the Czech educational process are kept to a minimum.

If a student is illiterate, how do you integrate them into Czech education?
The children are moving fast, so we are now focusing on activities that will help them with the handicap they bring from Ukraine. The Ministry of Col. has also created subsidies for non-profit organizations for the operation of adaptation groups, which should take place during the holidays so that all children can take part in the rounds.