Play plays an important role in the development of a child. Play is an important activity in preschool. With the help of the game, children learn to build relationships, negotiate. Through play, they learn about the world around them.

Photo: MSU website

The child grows, develops, and with him the objective world he perceives changes and expands. The game is the leading activity in preschool age, during which mental processes develop that prepare the child’s transition to a new stage of growing up: changes in knowledge, feelings, will, character occur.

The game is closely connected with the educational process, with observation in everyday life. For preschool children, the game is learning, work and a way of knowing the world around them, learning colors, shapes. During the game, children enter the world of adults, imitate it.

In the game process, children are united by one single goal – they make joint efforts to achieve it, they have common interests and experiences during the game.

The game can give good results if it is combined with other activities:

  • conversation;
  • by reading;
  • observation.

Many parents make a big mistake when they want their child to start learning activities as early as possible. Such children become irritable, do not know how to establish contacts with peers, their sociality decreases, neuroses, fears appear, and behavioral problems may arise.

The game process is very important for preparing the child for the future. To accomplish this task, it is necessary to create all the conditions for a variety of games, to be attentive to them, to skillfully manage them.

Kosheleva Marina Nikolaevna, teacher, SCHOOL 222, Moscow.