Greetings any and all of the persons reading this article! Today I bring you a story about a friend of mine who has been playing music for some time now. She’s been featured at the Tune Out Cancer Music Fest, attending The 4th annual SLM Music Awards, playing at Houston’s Own Country, also being a frequent request on KDOL 96.1. Beyond such headliners shes played from the lower state of Texas up towards the top of Montana. Gripping the hearts of cowboys and cowgirls across the land.  Up coming shows can be found on her Facebook page Jypsy Rose or her webpage

Just a quick story on how we became friends. My traveling companions and I were traveling through South East Texas and found a small town that gave us a warm welcome. One of those folks in this town was a miss Jypsy Rose. Her and her family welcomed my traveling companions and I into their home and onto their property with open arms. Our time consisted of hearty meals, lively conversation, and the sounds of Jypsy and her band mates practicing for us. Aside from their instrumental prowess, their voices welcomed us and soothed our traveling souls.

Moving from our relation, I would hope the reader will have their interest peaked by the following prepared questions I had for Ms. Rose. Her answers provide the insight that many musicians tend to refrain from of their personal lives. Enjoy the following and don’t forget to subscribe to MusicNewsFirst for your Local, National, and International music artists.

MN1 – “Where are you from and how was life growing up?”

GR – “Originally from  Texas City, Texas, but graduated in Mont Belvieu.  My mother and father were divorced and my dad used to tell us that the radio didn’t work in his car when he would pick us up for the weekend. So we would have to sing. Every weekend we’d sing to my dad during visitation to and from his house. Then one day my sister and I were playing in the car without our dad around, tickling each other and I bumped my back shoulder against the radio and it came right on and played just fine. That’s when we knew that dad was making us sing as he liked to hear us sing and not because the radio was actually broken.”

MN1 – “What caused you to follow through with your music career?”

GR – “My stepdad had a bar band that practiced every week and we were not allowed in band practice so I would sneak behind the lead singer until he would shoo us out. Eventually my stepdad realized how apt we were for music and he gave up his bar band starting a family vocal band. Since then I knew music is where I should be. But it wouldn’t be until I was an adult that I would actually follow my own path.”

MN1 – “Have the shows been what you anticipated or has it put you through the gambit?”

GR -“Every show I perform in, I know I am reaching  the audience. I have never had a negative experience with the audience. Although sometimes dealing with venues was extremely rough at first.  I have a team that deals with the Venues mostly now. Every time I am on stage, I know that’s where I am meant to be. I could have a terrible day my audience could have a terrible day, but when I get on stage our shared experience with the music makes everything worthwhile.”

MN1 –  “If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?”

GR – “I would be actively educating people, & sharing the lyrics I wrote in some other form.”

MN1 – What event have you played where you felt the crowd’s heart strings be pulled?

GR – “I was in northern Richmond Virginia, when a group of barefooted young women were screaming my name running through the grassy knoll. They came straight for me and started braiding my hair and putting Coke tabs in my braids. They said to me I was the most famous thing that they had ever met in their area, and they wanted to be able to recognize me when they see me on TV as “their gypsy”. That touched me more than anything.”

MN1 – “Which musician is your go to for a collaboration?”  

GR – “The list is too long, I would love to collaborate with Imagine Dragons, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, people who have a challenging voice and who I believe I could be a huge compliment to, like Tracy Lawrence, or Clint Black!”

MN1 – “If you had a message to tell your fans, what would it be?”

GR – “It is never too late to follow your dreams. I know that’s kind of cliche, but if you know you are good at something and you know you should be doing it, why waste your life trying to conform to whatever body else thinks you should be doing. It is never too late to follow your own path and do what is instilled in your heart.”

With the above insight I assure you attending one of Jypsy’s shows will be a uplifting and heart touching time. Her warm smile and soulful voice will have you questioning your decision on staying in one place and not following her on tour. Or better yet, following what your heart desires and crafting a path that brings you joy. To our readers, we thank you for your time and pledge to bring you Texas music information consistently.