December came loaded with surprises for fans of RBD, and it is that what many fans had been asking for years was finally confirmed. The group will finally return with a series of concerts and who knows if, with a new song or even an album.

The details weren’t really explicit, but what became clear is the return of the group Mexican for this 2023. On social networks, Internet users took the trends for several days to viralize the name of the members and the band.

But now, many are concerned after the actress and active member of RBD, Maite perroni, announced that she was pregnant. Although many felt happy, others could not help expressing her concern, since Maite Perroni will not be able to participate in the concerts due to her condition.

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According to reports, Maite Perroni had already communicated about her pregnancy to production, which they ignored and also continued with the plans for the return of RBD. Maite’s fans are also concerned, since the singer will have to rest for several weeks, as well as take care of her newborn baby.

The news takes RBD fans by surprise, who were very excited for the return of the band from their childhood and adolescence. Although Maite clarified that she will do everything possible to materialize the project without problems, the return of RBD is in danger of cancellation at times due to this reason.