Since the middle of the last century, countless design icons have emerged, and their authors have been renowned for their design. Lamps that originated in Italy are especially popular. You don’t have to work hard in specialized e-shops or even in antique shops. Many of the products of that time are still produced today, they have only just hit the market.

The Saliscendi pull-out lamp was designed in 1957.

Meet them on the domestic market, for example in the studio, etc. At the time the cars designed them, there was no jet technology that would make their srio production possible. Only prototypes were created that had to repent for years to get into production.

In 1957, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed an adjustable Saliscendi lamp for you. The following year, two single copies were made for the Milk Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Saliscendi horse appears as an adjustable metal lamp with double emission, which today uses dimmable LED light sources.

The light body and reflective disc slide on the cables and provide perfectly modulated lighting. When moving in the opposite direction, both elements scatter pmj or indirect light depending on the distance they are separated.

Simple and funny

Megaphone is an iconic table lamp from 1950 with pmm and nepmm light. The double-directional ivory or glossy black finish is combined with a precious galvanized gold-plated brass stem to expand with a refined touch. The megaphone bag also exists as a chandelier and floor lamp.

When the architect and designer Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni with the Buonanotte lamp, which he designed for the Stilnovo militia, which is now a bite of the Linea Light G group, drove in 1965, it was the light of industrial design as we know it today. Lampica is genius in its playfulness and simplicity. And modernity.

With a simple movement, the atmosphere changes for the one who is hungry or lit. In the Prague studio, another (this name uses the German word Schein svtlo) is one of the most popular customers.

He created a product for Stilnovo in 1969, the Gravita table lamp, which is part of the Originals for Original campaign. At the time of its creation, the bag could not be manufactured, and adequate technology was not available.

Due to complex technologies, the Gravita lamp could be manufactured in the present and at present, although its design dates back to 1969.

The author of the lamp is designer Antonio Macchi Cassia. From a technical point of view, the lamp consists of a diffuser made of extra clear transparent blown glass, the directional ball is made of chrome-plated clay, the base is made of matt black anodised extruded clay. LED light sources with separate dimmable switches are used here.

The dimmable light in a large glass sphere gently illuminates the environment. It converts metal spheres around the surface thanks to the magnet and washes concentrated and dimmable light. The iconic Gravita lamp was even auctioned at an art and design auction to help Ukraine.

Retro continues

In 1978, the Fante lamp (authors Jonathan De Pas, Donato DUrbino, Paolo Lomazzi) was created, which, thanks to the freedom of inclination, simultaneously controls the lighting on the table top and indirectly diffuses the light for the ascending wall. The base is soft and pleasant to the touch, it perfectly complements the proportional design.

The 1981 Minibox desktop by Gae Aulenti and Pier Castiglioni again consists of a metal body, a comfortable handle and a disrespectful light eye, which recalls the aesthetics of the mining lamp. The magnetic mounting head allows you to direct the light, which makes it possible to use the lamp in any place. The lamp can also be hung on the wall.

Minibox table lamp from 1981 resembles a mining lamp.

Studio ajn

Behind the interior of the Prague studio is also the architectural and design duo Vrtika & k, which designed a refined design, thanks to which each light has its own limited space. All the world, pesto is not close to another lamp. In addition to purely modern luminaires, you will find a wide range of retro lamps.

The light studio ajn also defended the Interir competition of 2021 in the Public Interior II category, which includes shops, bicycles, cultural and medical facilities and services. The studio has been operating since 2021, with 300 luminaires from the Linea Light portfolio on display. He gave them a choice according to the catalog. In addition to the architect and designer, the studio is also intended for customers, to whom it provides consulting services.