The forces of the invaders are split, according to British intelligence.

During the retreat from the right bank of the Kherson region, the invaders lost dozens of pieces of equipment, British intelligence noted / photo Emerging Europe

Russian invaders retreated quite orderly recently from right bank of Kherson region.

The enemy lost dozens of pieces of equipment during the retreat, not hundreds, informs British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence information.

According to British intelligence, the occupiers damaged a lot of abandoned equipment so that it would not go to the Ukrainian military.

“The recent Russian retreat from the western part of the Kherson region was carried out in a fairly orderly manner, compared to previous large-scale Russian retreats during the war … this relative success is likely due in part to a more effective unified operational command under the leadership of General Sergei Surovikin,” the report says. .

The intelligence added that the enemy forces are still split due to poor leadership at the lower and middle levels, as well as in connection with the practice of hiding the real state of affairs.

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The retreat of Russian troops from part of the Kherson region – the most important news

Since the end of summer, the Ukrainian army began to actively push out the invaders from a number of regions. First was almost the entire Kharkiv region was liberatedthere the opponents left a lot of equipment.

Our soldiers also actively advanced in the Kherson region. As of the end of October, more than 80 settlements had been liberated.

On November 9, it became known that the Russian Federation decided transfer his henchmen from the right bank of the Kherson region to the left bank due to serious supply problems.

In a few days – on the 11th, Ukrainian special forces entered Kherson.

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleg Zhdanov said that the invaders left the right bank in a panic, there was chaos.

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