More than 70 teachers of the region took part in the competition. The competition itself was held from October 10 to December 15 in 6 nominations, in each of them the winner and prize-winners were determined.

Photo: press service of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

In the contest “Talk about the important. Regional Aspect” the following nominations were presented: “My golden Russia, you started the beginning for us…”, “Multiple colors of the Russian land”, “Traditions and values ​​of the Russian people”, “And our eternal memory is beating in the chest…”, “Pride for successes and achievements of my region, my country” and “Do good”.

Teachers presented their methodological developments as part of the cycle of extracurricular activities “Conversations about the important” with the inclusion of local history material and facts from the history of their native land. As a result, the winner and prize-winners in each nomination of the competition were determined.

The best in the nomination “My golden Russia, for us you started the beginning …” Julia Sokolova became a teacher of primary school No. 31 named after Heroes of Svir in the city of Ulyanovsk. Anastasia Kozhevnikova, teacher of professional disciplines at the Karsun Technological College, took the first place in the nomination “Multicolor of the Russian Land”. Alexander Yanin, teacher of history at the Bolshekandarat school named after I.K. Morozov, Karsunsky district, won first place in the nomination “And our eternal memory beats in the chest …”. In the nomination “Traditions and Values ​​of the Russian People”, the first place was taken by the geography teacher of secondary school No. 73 named after P.S. Deinekin of the city of Ulyanovsk Elena Borshch. Gulnara Safiullina. A foreign language teacher of the Governor’s Lyceum No. 100 of the city of Ulyanovsk won the “Do good” nomination. The full list of winners and runners up can be found Online Ministry of education and upbringing of the Ulyanovsk region.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” reported about the results of the first stage of the video marathon of extracurricular activities “Conversations about the important”. Back in September, the Ministry of Education launched the All-Russian video marathon of extracurricular activities “Talk about the important.” Any teacher who teaches these lessons can take part in the competition. In November, the results of the first stage were summed up, that is, the videos of teachers who managed to upload them for voting before November 1 were considered. Summing up the results of the second stage is scheduled for February 15, 2023. A video for voting must be uploaded before February 1. To take part in the third stage of the video, you need to have time to upload it before May 1, and the results will be summed up on the 15th.