The popularity of prince harry and his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle it keeps going down fast. The statements that both have made against the British royal family, It has earned them great rejection in Europe, despite the fact that there is also a large part of the public that supports them.

The Dukes of Sussex they are facing the enormous consequences of exposing the failings of the royal family. The British public now rejects them, and the numbers are truly alarming.

The most recent survey, found that only 26% of 1,700 people surveyed supported Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. The other 74% did not tolerate their presence within the monarchy.

These figures have a reason, since there are many who affirm that the couple is only seeking attention from the media and trying to make a rebellious entity against the british crown.

Despite this, there should be no doubt that both Harry and Meghan have exposed several truths that only the Princess Diana he had dared to confess. Royalty can be very contemptuous, racist and with large margins of differences between its members.

There is also the factor of the non-intervention of Charles III and the other members of the family to the attacks suffered by Meghan Markle by the British media. Contrary to kate middleton wife of prince william and who always had the full support of family members.

At this point, the British public for the most part considers that both the prince harry as Meghan Markle, they should stay away from the monarchy and not keep trying to get more attention with all kinds of accusations.