The complex of the Red Triangle plant on the Obvodny Canal embankment will be included in the register of cultural heritage objects as a monument of regional significance, informs Press Service of the Committee for State Control and Protection of Monuments.

Details. The decision was made by members of the Council for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. During the discussion, they put 50 buildings and 11 galleries under state protection.

The historical and cultural expertise of the plant was prepared by Margarita Stieglitz, a specialist in industrial architecture.

The head of KGIOP Sergey Makarov announced the inclusion of the Red Triangle in the register of cultural heritage sites in July 2022. Then he said that some of the buildings “are in a terrible state.” Makarov added that the sooner they receive protected status, the sooner restoration and adaptation to modern use will begin.

What will appear in place of the “Red Triangle”. Elena Derzhavetskaya, a representative of the investor company Katros-Market LLC, said that they plan to convert most of the complex into a hotel. In addition, public areas will be located on the first floors. The architectural concept is currently being developed, she added. It is not known when work will begin.

The territory of the Red Triangle plant is owned by more than ten large companies.

In June 2021, during the SPIEF, the city government and Management Company Bureau of Property Operations LLC signed agreement on the renovation of the Red Triangle plant. The parties agreed to preserve the cultural heritage site and place sports grounds, shops, a cinema and children’s areas there, and to green and landscape the space between the buildings.

Why is it important. In recent years, at least four fires have occurred at the Red Triangle plant (twice burned in June 2022, in April and february 2021). In February 2021, one of the buildings on the Obvodny Canal collapsed, the girl suffered. And in November 2020, the roof of one of the buildings collapsed.

The authorities repeatedly announced reconstruction of the “Red Triangle” – for example, in 2016, Smolny announced that they would open an international cooperation center for conferences and exhibitions, a hotel complex and a theme park.

The complex of the former factory was formed between 1860 and 1917, but was partially rebuilt during the Soviet era. It includes about 150 buildings, 80 of which were recognized as identified objects of cultural heritage.

“The complex is a unique factory quarter that has preserved the volumetric and spatial characteristics of the turn of the 19th–20th centuries. Almost all buildings are made in the “brick style” and, despite the restructuring, they have retained architectural uniformity,” writes press service of KGIOP.

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