Since the release of “Spare» a week ago, the prince harry He has given several interviews to various television media. His autobiography has marked a decisive moment in his life, since they reveal problems of the royal family and personal problems with announcements that nobody expected, they also exposed the controversies of the British Crown and gave his version of the facts .

However, the book, which remains a bestseller, does not contain everything the Duke of Sussex originally wrote and there is an unusual reason why the final version is only half of the first written version.

The British royal family have tried to stay out of this whole situation and have avoided commenting on the Prince Harry accounts, but sources close to them have revealed how they feel about the comments being made about them on “Spare«.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are some of the names that are read between the pages, and of them, Harry revealed the fights and arguments they had with his wife, Meghan Markle, and according Tom Bower, Kate Middleton feels “angry and hurt” by the Duke of Sussex’s comments in her book.

By “The TimesIt is known that Prince William is “devastated” by his brother’s words, since he has a different version of how some of the situations mentioned in the book happened and still treasures his memories with Harry.

In an interview with the British media “The Telegraph”, Prince Harry assured that the first version of the book had 800 pages, but the final version only has 400 pages and said that the most difficult part was having to “delete things”. He also revealed why he had to cut the book down, and to the surprise of many, it wasn’t the publisher’s fault.

Harry decided to delete 400 pages of the memoir because he intended to keep much of what happened between him and his brother and me private, and to some extent because of what happened between him and his father, King Charles III, because if these things were made public, they will most likely never forgive you.