The real reason was known why the King Carlos II chose to marry Lady Di and not with his true love, Stretcher Parker. The royal expert Angela Levinrevealed the truth about this event, where he said that there was only one reason for the wedding, but it was not because the couple were “happily ever after«.

Princess Diana and the then Prince Charles announced their marriage in 1981 and from that moment everything in their relationship was in a sharp decline, especially in the life of Princess Diana, who is said to have found her happiness. with the birth of their two children.

The expert affirmed that although Carlos III made a family with Diana, he was always in love with Camilla ParkerHere we tell you why he decided to marry her and not his true love.

Everyone knows that while the Princess Diana he struggled every day with the media and went about his royal duties, Charles III he was too busy keeping his love for Camilla a secret.

Angela Levin’s theory was that she claimed that the current King Charles III He proposed to Princess Diana instead of Stretcher because the “should have an heir» and he knew that with Stretcher it would be very difficult to have it, for that reason I use Princess Diana to have the future heirs to the throne.