There has been talk of hatred prince harry with the British royal family, but few people know exactly why the King Charles III He turned his back on his son The prince Harry, after this he decided to leave his royal position, and it is believed that the real reason for the hatred is money.

Before passing away, the Queen isabel II proposed a plan to try to salvage the relationship of Charles III with Harry, but it failed, since the king had no interest in answering his son’s phone calls, because it is believed that the The prince Harry he was only interested in money.

When the Queen Elizabeth II faced a Charles III and asked him to explain why he refused to answer his son, he said that he would not speak to him on the phone again because he was only looking for his money and if Harry If you’re only interested in money, you might as well email Buckingham Palace with your request.

A source to the royal family said:

The late queen was always happy to talk to Harry, but when he asked her for money, she said why don’t you talk to your father, he told her that Carlos was no longer answering his calls.

Also he said:

Harry wasn’t as good as he led people to believe, he wants money and when the Queen asked Charles why he wasn’t answering her calls, he told her, “I’m not a bank.”

Finally, the source mentioned:

The royals, including William, have been known to stop speaking to Harry when they found out about his book contract, fearing he would speak ill of them.

So the reason for the problems is not only money, but also because of the constant attacks by the prince harry Y Meghan Markle to the royal family.

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