On May 6th, Camilla Parker Bowles will become the queen consort of the United Kingdom after the official coronation of the King Charles III. Despite the criticism she’s received in recent years, Parker hasn’t let it stop her on her way to one of the biggest titles in the world.

Her new position will grant her a power that many organizations and common people fear and that will be the subject of controversy, since not only will she have the freedom that comes with the title of queen, but it will also be the first time in 70 years that a coronation of a consort in the United Kingdom.

Despite being a controversial figure, Camilla Parker She has managed to achieve what she wanted and now she will be the protagonist of one of the most important events in recent years. Her coronation will not only make her one of the most powerful women in the world, but will also allow her to put the past behind her and be officially recognized as the queen consort.

However, her new status will not only affect her, but also the entire British royal family. After the coronation, all members must bow before the King Charles III and Camilla Parkerincluding the princes of Wales and the dukes of Sussex, a power that surely will not be welcomed by the children of the British monarch, especially by the prince harry and Meghan Markle.

Even so, the coronation of Camilla Parker and the King Charles III It will be a record in the history of the British monarchy, but it also raises important questions about its future role and the impact it will have on the royal family and the country.