The book “Spare” of the prince harry keep giving something to talk about. Now, details have been revealed about her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. According to the book, they both shared a passion for skiing and for them, every time they slid down the snow, it was “a revelation”, they also considered it as “something so sacred and symbolic”.

However, more personal moments have also been revealed. On one occasion, Cressida He asked about his mother Princess Dianawhich caused Prince Harry to cry, and on another occasion, he realized that their relationship had come to an end because they were not completely compatible.

Despite the fact that the relationship ended in 2014, both maintained a friendship and Cressida even attended the wedding of the prince harry with Meghan Markle. However, it has been rumored that Cressida would have described Prince Harry as a wounded and narcissistic young man, which could explain why Meghan Markle hates her.

The book “Spare” has been a huge bestseller and has revealed many intimate details of Harry’s life, however, it has also generated controversy, especially with the accusations he made against his older brother, the prince william.

The book has been criticized by some members of the royal family and by the British press, but has been well received by followers of Harrywho appreciate your honesty and courage in speaking up about personal issues.