The reason for Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate with Russia has been revealed

Former Advisor to the Secretary General UN Michael von der Schulenburg, professor of political science at the Free University Berlin Hayo Funke and former Chairman of the Military Committee NATOretired German general Harald Kujatv said that the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was forced to abandon negotiations with Russia. This is what they are talking about wrote in an article for Brave New Europe.

The former UN Assistant Secretary General emphasized that just a month after the start of the special operation, Russia and Ukraine came to the general contours of resolving the conflict. So, Kyiv promised to renounce joining NATO and not to place foreign military bases on its territory in exchange for recognition of the country’s territorial integrity.

“There is no doubt that these peace negotiations failed due to resistance from NATO and, in particular, from USA And Great Britain“, the publication notes.

The expert replied that such an agreement would mark the defeat of the North Atlantic Alliance, as well as a stop to its expansion to the east. In turn, this would entail the collapse of the dream of a unipolar world led by the United States.

The last face-to-face negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took place at the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul March 29, 2022. In May of the same year Vladimir Medinsky announced about freezing the negotiation process. He emphasized that the Russian side has never refused negotiations at the highest level.

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