the renowned singer Puerto Rican He has been acquitted of the charges to which his nephew had denounced him, where he accused him of harassment, domestic violence and having maintained a love relationship for seven months.

Ricky Martin He has been freed from the serious complaints he had to face. On July 21, a court in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reported that the case was going to be dismissed at the request of Ricky’s nephew, a situation that generated great doubts within social networks. For what reason?

The artist has come out “well off” of this great scandal, as his nephew voluntarily withdrew his accusation and desisted from continuing with the legal actions. This, according to Ricky’s lawyers, was the logical end of a complaint that they always considered false and baseless.

However, for social network users, not everything is so clear, as they assure that Ricky would have paid a large amount of money to get rid of the accusations, and that is that with 120 million Dollars of heritage, no amount would be high for his total freedom; In addition, an alleged “boyfriend” of Ricky’s nephew would have been the one who suggested the lawsuit to obtain economic gains at the expense of the artist.

Another reason that was being rumored would be the intervention of the mother of the young accuser and sister of the singer, who would have made the young man desist, since it is known that the interpreter of ‘live the crazy life’ He helps them financially since he began his career in the popular group Slight.

It was also said that the young man would have received death threats to get him to agree to drop the lawsuit, but the lawyers of Martin they would have formulated a defense with enough evidence to prove an alleged slander, which would leave the complainant as the defendant, so they would have decided better to leave the legal process there before having to face other legal problems that even come up in cases of “defamation”