The official coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom is closer than ever, and in it are woven on all the scenarios that Meghan Markle could raise during this historic event. However, there is a high chance that your invitation will not be executed, what would be the reasons?

Over the past two years, both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have staged a series of harsh allegations against the british royalty. These accusations range from alleged racism suffered by the Duchess of Sussex, until the inaction of the royal family in the face of the attacks that the couple suffered from the media.

All this controversy caused the couple to make the decision to move to the USA in the year 2020. From there, the controversy has only increased, since the theories and other rumors about the murky relationship they would have with the other members of royalty would have worsened.

But that’s not all, with the premieres of the documentary series ‘Harry & Meghan’ and the book of memories The prince Harry, the relationship they both would have with the crown would have completely collapsed.

Despite this fateful scenario, the rumor spread that the King Carlos II has the intention and desire that your child Harry attend the official coronation that will be on May 6th. However, his wife would not be included in that invitation. Because?

The reason is obvious, both the King and the other members of the British royal family, They know very well that the presence of the former American actress would completely overshadow the historic ceremony that the United Kingdom will experience.

The controversy What is behind her, thanks to the enormous media coverage that her image has caused, would completely eclipse the King. And that plan is the least expected for the event.

So, although some deny it, the presence of Meghan Markle at the official coronation King Carlos III, it would be something very detrimental to the monarch and his moment.

Despite this, it is not yet known if the Duchess of Sussex attend the coronation with the Prince Harry.