bts is the name of the group that we have probably all heard of, their success around the world has been unprecedented and no one could have predicted it, they have been the biggest surprise in the music industry in the last 10 years.

belong to the genus kpop, which is basically the same pop on this side of the world, but done in South Korea, and BTS is without a doubt the biggest musical group that has come out of that country, they are known for being the standard bearers and ambassadors of the genre around the world.

The members of the group are between the ages of 25 and 30, so it is normal to assume that, as wealthy adults, they probably know how to drive cars, right? Well, much to everyone’s surprise, there is a member of the group who does not know how to drive, and it is not the youngest but one of the oldest.

Is about RM, or Rap Monster, from 28 years, who, until now, does not have his driver’s license in South Korea, and to make matters worse, his colleagues do not support him to get his driver’s license or drive a car either.

The reason is quite curious, and it is that it turns out that RM has prominently large hands, and is quite clumsy when using them, very often he underestimates the strength of his hands and has broken pencils, banners, knocked over objects from the table by carelessness, and even he broke a phone once, by accident.

Because of this tendency to clumsiness, he himself has made a conscious decision not to drive cars, and his partner Taehyung once said that he shouldn’t drive “for the good of all mankind”.

That is not the only reason why RM fears driving, as shared on his Instagram account in which we can see his results from an ophthalmology test, the rapper has more than 7.5 degrees of astigmatism, which is a very serious condition. great for people who want to drive a car.}

What do you think? Would you encourage him to buy and drive a car or tell him to stay away from driving?