Colombian singer Shakira He has mentioned that among his plans is to move to Miami with his family in the coming months. Although some speculated that it was due to personal reasons, the real reason could be related to the possibility of ending up in jail.

According to close sources, Shakira he has been preparing for trial in Spain, where he faces charges of tax evasion. The artist would have used an offshore corporate structure to evade taxes and as a consequence she would have defrauded the Spanish tax authorities in millions of euros.

for his part Shakira He has denied these accusations, assuring that he has always complied with his tax obligations in all the countries in which he has worked. However, the Spanish justice system has found evidence that the singer has evaded taxes and has filed a complaint against her.

The possible move to Miami would be aimed at avoiding trial in Spain, since the United States does not have an extradition treaty with the European country. In addition, Miami is a popular destination for artists and celebrities, which would allow Shakira maintain his career in the world of music.

Despite the rumours, Shakira He has not commented on his potential trial or the move to Miami. Her followers are worried about the future of the artist, since a ruling against her could mean jail and the end of her career.