Since the prince harry decided to make his Netflix documentary in which he revealed the enormous number of problems that being a member of the British royal family has brought him, there has been a lot of controversy around the world. The prince said that he began to call his house the «horrible ceiling» and admitted his endless fights with his family and the vendettas they have made towards him.

However, it had always been believed that his most important ally in the family was his older brother, Prince William, who had been an accomplice, ally and, above all, very close friends. As children it was always normal to see them play together, as teenagers they had friends in common and were always close to protect each other.

But apparently the fact that separated them was not one of their fights, but a marriage, more specifically the marriage of the prince william with kate middleton since after this, Harry felt that his brother «was gone forever«. This is how Prince Harry related it in the revelations of his book.

The book says:

The brother I accompanied to Westminster Abbey that day was gone forever, no one could deny that.

He would never be the same William again. We would never again share a ride through the Lesotho countryside with cloaks billowing behind us. We would never be together in a horse-scented cabin together while we learned to fly. Who will separate us? Nothing more and nothing less than life.

Prince Harry recounted that as his brother went with his wife and they both got into the carriage that would take them on the way to Buckingham Palace, he silently told them: Bye. Since then nothing has been the same, since to this day, the brothers maintain a very cold and distant relationship.