The relationship of prince harry Y Meghan Markle has been the subject of much speculation since their romance and the publication of the book became known «Spare» of the Duke of Sussex has once again put the most controversial couple currently holding the British crown on the front page.

Those who were the duke’s mother’s bodyguards, Lady Di, They were invited to speak on behalf of Prince Harry and after learning about the family, he claimed that Harry married Meghan Markle out of love, as he had never felt the same way about another woman.

According to the bodyguard, although Meghan had previously been married and had a wonderful and solid career as an actress, she had decided to live in the palace for love, without forgetting that her relationship with Harry shocked the country when she brought up a part of the prince harry that no one else had ever met.

Prince Harry’s love for his mother, the Princess Diana, it was immense, for this reason he decided to protect Meghan from anyone who tried to do her the same damage that they did to Lady Di. The bodyguard said the duke sees Meghan as a strong and courageous woman and wants to make sure she doesn’t face the same problems her mother faced in her marriage to Prince Charles.

The Duke of Sussex’s decision to marry Meghan was also seen as a breaking off in tradition and royal family protocol, as Meghan was not a princess and her marriage would mean a big change in family dynamics.

Would you like a marriage with a love as strong as that of the Dukes of Sussex?