R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022, had to give up his crown as Miss USA, since, as announced by the organization in charge of said contest, the new sovereign of universal beauty will not be able to take charge of the tasks that entail the title. But in social networks, another possible and unthinkable reason is discussed.

In the last two weeks, there is nothing on social networks that generates more discussion than the results obtained in the most recent edition of the beauty pageant. Miss Universe, where the representative of the USA, took the crown over the mega favorite of the public, bookmakers and other experts in beauty pageants, Amanda Dudamel Newman, representative of Venezuela.

The accusations of fraud, supported by the scandal of the new owners of the Miss Universe organization, are the main theme of what happened, since according to what is said, Anne Jakrajutatip, the new owner of the contest, was involved in the surprise coronation of R’Bonney, since she is also the new owner of the Miss USA organization.

But now, and with the announcement of R’Bonney’s resignation Gabriel like Miss USA, rumors of fraud have increased even more. However, Gabriel’s resignation to her national crown comes in part due to the tasks that she will not be able to face due to having won the universal crown.

But before this scenario, some new theories have emerged that are linked to the new owners of the contest. And it is that as if that were not enough, the victory of R’Bonney the Miss USA 2022, It was also massively accused of fraud, even going so far as to file a complaint by several candidates from other states of the North American nation.

Several Internet users affirm that the cessation of Gabriel’s commitments as Miss USA, in reality they are due to the scandal that has left her coronation in Miss Universe. And it is that even judges had thought that the representative of Venezuela was the one who was going to win the contest, because of the great curriculum and content that she had of her and that made her the strongest and most prepared candidate in recent times.

And you, what do you think of all this scandal?