In recent days, the celebrity couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, have generated controversy for a very awkward moment they spent at the recent Grammy Awards. Although there has been much speculation about the incident, the real reason behind Ben Affleck’s fight with his wife has been discovered.

During the 65 delivery of the Grammy awards, the actor was seen somewhat uncomfortable and bored during the event. However, the climactic moment occurred when he got into a fight with Jennifer Lopez in the middle of the event and were captured by the cameras.

After analyzing the couple’s lips, experts have come to the conclusion that there was indeed a public discussion between the couple. Supposedly, Jennifer Lopez he told affleck to behave in a more sympathetic and motivated way, while the actor replied “could”.

However, before the discussion, affleck He would have whispered something to JLo, which would be the real reason behind their fight. Apparently, he told her that he felt tired, but JLo asked him to behave properly for a few more hours.

According to a person close to the couple, both have been very busy working on various projects and for this reason Affleck was feeling tired. Even so, he wanted to support his wife at the event, but he wasn’t in the best shape of her, so Jennifer understood the situation, since Ben affleck he is more of a homebody and does not enjoy attending public events all the time as much.