How often do you vacation together? Many refuse romantic weekends not so much because of financial or organizational difficulties, but because of guilt. “We are at the sea, and the children do not see this beauty. What bad parents we are!” Familiar?

Think about what is best for the child – a strong family or cooling in adult relationships and divorce due to a lack of communication, leisure and sex. If you regularly relax together as a man and a woman, the family crisis will pass you by and the children will grow up in a complete friendly family! Convinced? Then I tell you how to spend a vacation without conflicts.

The editors of the Modern Health magazine, together with psychologist Yulia Zberovskaya, share the secrets of a perfect vacation.


A vacation should give new experiences, so try to choose unknown places, make friends, and not sit still.


The clearer the trip plan, the higher the likelihood that it will be interesting and eventful. No “We’ll come and see.”


A common problem when traveling is a tight money limit or culture shock from prices. Find out everything in advance and calculate the budget

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Just believe me: a vacation without sex is money down the drain! And also the gradual separation from each other after returning home


Sincere conversations are very important – they bring together. Discuss plans for the day at breakfast, and in the evenings share your impressions.


The golden standard for a family vacation: twice with a child, then once without him. This will benefit the whole family.