January 2, 2023, 07:22 – Public News Service – OSN

Vasily Shurov, a specialist in the field of psychiatry, shared information that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as part of a statement dedicated to the New Year, he made the statement that it was the Kyiv regime that was responsible for the terrorist attacks on the territory of the Crimean bridge.

The expert noted that the behavior of the politician points to the degradation processes that are inherent in drug addicts who are experiencing the death of brain cells. Text reflecting the point of view presented by him, distributes Channel Five.

“A person confesses to the Crimean bridge – that they categorically deny. We see degradation, of course, acting. He could play, but here is a monotonous mumbling without emotion. I still have to note that this continues the decay of the brain under the influence of drugs, ”the publication quotes the text of the statement he made.

The doctor pointed to the fact that the whole statement of the head of the Kyiv regime was made for the sake of propaganda, and he himself does not consider his own statements from a serious point of view.

Recall that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation shared information that the fighters of the Russian Armed Forces on December 31 struck at the most important points of the defense industry of the Kyiv regime, which the Nazis needed to build the next UAVs used during terrorist attacks.

The publication says that the missile attack was carried out with the help of special weapons operating at long distances. During the operation, sites used to launch drones were destroyed. More about it read in material Public News Service.